Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik





Japanese (base) シャミーユ・キトラ・カトヴァンマニニク
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 12, Timeskip 14
Relatives Arshankrut Kitra Katjvanmaninik (Father)
Eye Yellow
Hair Yellow
Title 3rd Princess → Empress (Vol 8)
Country Katjvarna Empire
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese [1]


Has a loli appearance. She wore a ring engraved with external spirit tree katjuan maninik.


Despite her young age, Chamille is very skilled at deception. She plays the role of royalty but she curses her royal bloodline the more she sees the world. Chamille resents the Emperor and the nobility that oversees it.


At the age of 3, Chamille was traded to Kioka as a political hostage. She remained in Kioka until she became 11.


Chamille was on the same ship that Yatori, Ikta, Haroma Bekkel, Matthew Tetridch, and Torway Remeon was on. When the ship was caught in a bad storm, the crew ordered the passengers to go to the lifeboat. On the deck, Chamille falls overboard and was saved by Ikta Solork.

Relationships Edit

Ikta Solork Edit

At first, Chamille finds Ikta to be an enigma - difficult to understand and interact with. Chamille knows Ikta's true lineage and knows of his relationship with residents of Kioka. Chamille eventually solicits Ikta's assistance in destroying the Empire from the inside through a plot to have him lose a war as the Invincible Lazy General.

☀There is a hint that she may have feelings for him in a romantic way

Yatori Ingsem Edit

At first, she saw her as a hero that had helped save her life while nearly drowning in the sea, she has since then looked up to her as someone that is a strong individual that will do whatever it takes. She is then seen stopping her from restraining Ikta indicating that she has romantic feelings him, it is also shown later on that Yatori has developed strong romantic feelings for Ikta as well thus making them love rivals.


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