Eriinefin Yurgus


Japanese (base) エリーネフィン・ユルグス
Rōmaji Eriinefin Yurgus
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Polmineue Yurgus (Niece)
Occupation Army
Rank Admiral
Affiliation 1st Naval Fleet
Country Katjvarna Empire
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Eriinefin Yurgus (エリーネフィン・ユルグス Erinefin Yurugusu) is a male side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


He is transgender who has make-up face of pretty woman but muscular body of man.[1]


He like to eyeing the people. He firm toward Polmineue Yurgus and scold her to teach a lesson [1]



Yurgus is the 3rd pillar of the 3 loyal families of the Empire. She has niece name Polmineue Yurgus.[1]


The following section contains latest spoiler. You have been warned light novel-only readers.

Volume 4Edit

Polmi crew spotted Kioka scouting ship. Yatori told him to signal to Polmi ship, that can allow the rest of the knights to stay and aid them. Admiral Yurugus was befuddled and thought he should prioritize on the Knights order safety as they were guests to him and they should bring them to the flagship with a small boat. Yatori advised otherwise if he didn't want to lose his niece and her crew.

Polmi ship is attacked by a cannon. He arrived and shouted for the Polmi crew to get their act together. He take over the Palmi ship and managed to flee but Polmi ship was in tatters. He got everyone together to give a status report for the lost fight. Each person gave status report, during Polmi turn she panicked and started giving excuses saying how the fight would have gone well without the cannons. He pissed and blasted Polmi for her behavior. He confined her to the flagship and took her command post of her ship from her and got the geezer to take charge again.[1]


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