Ikta Solork




Japanese (base) イクタ・ソローク
Rōmaji Ikta Solork
Other Names, etc. Ikta Sankrei (イクタ・サンクレイ Ikuta Sankurei)
Alias The Invincible Lazy General
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 17, 19 (Timeskip)
Blood Type AB
Status Alive
Relatives Bada Sankrei (Father)

Yûka Sankrei (Mother)

Eye Black
Hair Black
Title Imperial Order of Knights
Occupation Soldier
Rank Warrant Officer (Vol 1) → 1st Lieutenant (Vol 3) → General
Country Katjvarna Empire
School Imperial Segal High Grade Academy
Partner Kusu (Spirit)
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobuhiko Okamoto

Ikta Solork (イクタ・ソローク Ikuta Sorōku) is the male protagonist of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


Ikta is a young man with black hair and eyes. His irises are quite tiny, but in the anime, they're a normal size, giving him fairly different look compared to the light novel. He wears a green military uniform. Ikta is missing his pinky finger on his left hand.


He skips all his classes and has never shown up at graduation ceremony every year. He lives an idle life, wasting his time chasing girls or taking naps. He hates handsome men and has a habit of threatening them.[1]

He can't forgive people in the ruling class who can't behave intellectually, especially those who give up on trying.[1]

Ikta lacks physical strength and motivation. He is also unskilled with the sword and gun, but he is remarkable as a strategist and tactician.[1]

Ikta will hit on any older girl he's met the first time. Ikta likes girls that are older than him.[1]

Ikta is usually blunt and pessimistic, but is always truthful. He sees everything from a realistic point of view, unlike the naive members of the empire such as Yatorishino.

He also cares greatly for his family and friends, as when Chamille disrespectfully brought up his mother’s history as a sex slave to the emperor, he nearly strangled her to death and threatened her with great rage, despite her social position.



Solork is not his real family name, it is the name of an orphanage. His true name is Ikta Sankrei.[1]

His father is Bada Sankrei. He is a famous commander in history. But because he ignored an order, he was branded as a traitor. He died in imprisonment after the war with Kioka Empire.[1]

Ikta's Kioka accent was taught to him by his mother, Yûka Sankrei. When the Empires victory was achieved, the emperor granted his favorite woman taken from the Kioka Inner Palace to General Bada as a reward for his distinguished service in the war.[2]

The one that taught Ikta science is Professor Anarai Khan. Ikta calls him master.

Iktai Little-AN-Ep5

Ikta 8 years old


The following section contains the latest spoilers. You have been warned. Light novel-only readers.

Volume 1Edit

Ikta meets Haroma Bekkel, Matthew Tetridch, and Torway Remeon at the harbor and in the ship. When a terrible storm forces them to escape on a lifeboat, Ikta saves a girl that falls from the ship and into the water. That girl is Katjvarna's 3rd princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik. The six find themselves swept away and get stranded in Kioka Republic territory. The border dividing the Kioka Republic and the Katjvarna Empire is near, albeit heavily guarded. When Ikta proposes to yield as prisoners of war, Chamille promptly rejects the idea. Ikta becomes irritated and speaks freely to the girl, regardless of her superior rank. Yatori kicks him to the ground.

That night, Chamille goes to the toilet, being unable to bear it anymore. She unwittingly crosses their makeshift security system line, triggering the alarm composed of bells back at the camp. To Chamille's horror, three soldiers from the Republic come to investigate. Back at camp, the others wake to the sound of the bells and determine that the princess is missing. Ikta, Yatori, and Torway go to rescue her. On the scene, Ikta successfully deceives the Kioka patrol, leaving Torway and Yatori free to kill them. In the morning, Ikta disguises himself as a soldier of the Kioka army and tricks the Commander into letting all six of them cross the border into the Katjvarna Empire.

They all were taken in by the guards of empire side and politely transport to an encampment in the rear. They met Lieutenant General Hazarf Khan. Hazarf requests an exemption to capital about their interrupt examination. Ikta tells Hazarf to abandon the eastern region but Hazarf says he can't because that is their duty to defend the eastern region.

One month later, Hazarf dies, as Ikta predicted, and the eastern region is now completely under Kioka Republic control. He scoffs at their blind loyalty and meaningless deaths, much to Yatori’s dismay. All of them have been granted an honorable audience at the palace by Katjvarna Emperor, Arshankrut Kitra Katjvanmaninik. All of them have been granted the title of "Imperial Knight". After that, Ikta and Yatori ride in the horse carriage with the princess.

The princess talks about his family history. When she says something about his mother, Ikta angrily grabs her collar shirt. Ikta says if she says something about her mother one more time, he will strangle her to death and Yatori held Ikta down on the spot.

The scene moves to Advanced Officers School Affiliated. Ikta struggles to exercise and train. During a class lesson, Ikta explains remarkable army strategy. He also questions the way of thinking, which stuns his peers.

Later, Torway is being bullied by his brothers, Sarihaslag and Sushura. Ikta saves Torway from his brothers by playing a prank on Sarihasrag by giving him a centipede. Sushuraf hits Ikta. Yatori comes to the scene with Chamille. The brothers give up and go away.

All of them got a own incineration training platoon. Ikta 2nd commander is Suuya Mittokalif, daughter from mother Ikta secret lover. Suuya hate Ikta and the story about Ikta and Suuya mother relationship already spread through the whole platoon. After this, Ikta thought probably no one will listen to his command. They suddenly got mock battle practice. Ikta made a deal with Suuya. If Ikta win the mock battles under his command that means she need to approve him as a commander. During mock battle, Ikta shown a remarkable skill with arrive at camp before sunset and able to predict a landslide that prevent their platoons from get injured. He also able to outwitted the enemy that their eyes almost popped up with surprise.

During the battles, Torway successfully snipe his brother, the commander. All Ikta platoon suddenly ambushed the enemy and make the enemy retreat. After this battles Ikta give remarkable speech and successfully win their platoon trust. Ikta feel weird because Chamille suddenly leave the place before decisive battles. Ikta sense that her bodyguard trying to kidnap her and give signal for Yatori platoons. Yatori know that signal and go to save a princess.

Motive the kidnapping because emperor left General Hazard due at Eastern Region Garrison. Captain Ison, the kidnapper successfully held Yatori down but Torway shot him and Yatori kill all the bodyguards on the spot. Yatori face and body full with enemy blood and Ikta told her to calm down.

Last scene is between Ikta and Chamille on the horse carriage. Chamille tells Ikta to ascend to the top position in the Imperial Army. She wants Ikta to lead the entire empire's army and lose the war against Kioka kingdom because she wants to change this country as the Empire has already lost the ability to fix itself by it's own power, the Empire's system has degraded so much. In the end, she asks him to fight together with her until their ultimate defeat and she decideds to walk to hell together with Ikta.


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