Polmineue Yurgus


Japanese (base) ポルミニュエ・ユルグス
Rōmaji Polmineue Yurgus
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Eriinefin Yurgus (Uncle)
Eye Red
Hair Light Red
Occupation Army
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliation 1st Naval Fleet
Country Katjvarna Empire
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Polmineue Yurgus (ポルミニュエ・ユルグス Poruminyue Yurugusu) is a female side character of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


She got nice appearance and wear navy suit that is blue colour on volume 5 cover page. She is said to be among the top 5 in ship handling in the whole of Empire's Navy.[1]


During first met Torway and Matthew, she began behaving like a pirate and being rough on them because she jealous toward them due to them being younger and had already experienced actual war, earned credits, awarded Knights honor, and being hailed as heroes of the northern conflict.[1]

She actually a soft-spoken girl and was just putting a front, partly due to the expectations of her as a Yurgus.[1]



Yurgus is one of the 3 loyal families. She the niece of Admiral Eriinefin Yurgus.


The following section contains latest spoiler. You have been warned light novel-only readers.

Volume 4Edit

Torway and Matthew on boarding her ship, she suddenly has a personality change and began behaving like a pirate. She also being rough on her guests and made them work on the ship, abused them verbally.


Ikta teased Polmi

Ikta joined them at final friendly port of call. He deduced what happened to Matthew and Torway and started bullying Polmi, starting off by calling her affectionately Polmin with no honorific. He did all sorts of things that pissed Polmi including hugging her, taking off her bra, running around the deck and climbing the ropes with her running after him. He also set rope traps and ended tying her up a couple of times and showing off some bondage tying styles. Matthew reminded Polmi that individual disputes have to be settled alone; this is the rule of the sea, preventing Polmi to engage her crew's help with Ikta pranks. Finally Polmi crumbled mentally and hid herself in her cabin.

Nearing the border in Empire waters, Polmi crew spotted Kioka scouting ship. Yatori told Admiral Yurgus to signal to Polmi ship to allow the rest of the heroes to stay and aid them. Polmi originally did not want the heroes to help but Matthew shouted at her and chided her for taking things lightly. Polmi followed a textbook strategy, gave sharp and accurate commands to her crew and they caught up with Kioka scouting ship and approached from the side.

The enemy ship cannon doors open, Ikta cried for all to prone and only the land troops did. Cannons hit Polmi ship, crew died, some flew into water, sails destroyed. Ikta got flung and his side got hurt with large impact. Polmi got flung and almost fell over. Matthew caught her and brought her back to consciousness and back up on board.

Torway got his troops to fire into the cannon compartments and with with Admiral Yurgus taking over, they managed to flee but the ship was in tatters. Admiral Yurgus got everyone together to give a status report for the lost fight. Yatori and Matthew joined, while Halo tended to Ikta injuries. Each person gave status report, during Polmi turn she panicked and started giving excuses saying how the fight would have gone well without the cannons. He pissed and blasted Polmi for her behavior. He confined her to the flagship and took her command post of her ship from her and got the geezer to take charge again.


Matthew and Polmi on lookout deck

Back in the Knight room, Ikta talked about Polmi behavior was due to the pressures of being a Yurgus as one of the 3 loyal families, to which Torway and Yatori both looked down. Matthew then went to find Polmi later in the night, who was on the lookout deck. Matthew was surprised to find that Polmi real personality was a soft-spoken girl and she was just putting a front, partly due to the expectations of her as a Yurgus. Matthew talked about the legend of the Captain Famed Explorer and how he admired him. He saw through Polmi that her scar was a self-inflicted one, showed his own scar. During this time they start to like each other.[1]


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