Yatorishino Igsem




Japanese (base) ヤトリシノ・イグセム
Rōmaji Yatorishino Igsem
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Relatives Solvenares Igsem (Father)

Yorunzaf Igsem (Uncle) Ikta Solork

Eye Red
Hair Vivid Red
Title Imperial Order of Knights
Occupation Army
Rank Warrant Officer (Vol 1) → 1st Lieutenant (Vol 3) → Major (Vol 6)
Country Katjvarna Empire
School Imperial Segal High Grade Academy
Partner Shia (Spirit)
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Risa Taneda

Yatorishino Igsem (ヤトリシノ・イグセム Yatorishino Igusemu) is the female protagonist of Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin.


Yatori had long vivid red hair with very soft red colored eyes and a thin but strong body.

She's was one of the top students at military academy, having been distinguished as a capable hand to hand combatant and an excellent swordswoman. Yattori is virtually untouchable when she's wielding dual blades.[1]

The Igsem family is a symbol of strength and loyalty to the Empire. The Igsems are also know as the Empires sword of protection, who will always protect the royal family.[2]


She always tried her hardest to complete her assignment without slacking off or showing weakness. She has since she met him, Ikta Solork always tried to keep his outrageous behavior in check.[1]



Eldest daughter of the Igsem family. Her father, Solvenares Igsem is the current Field Marshal of the Empire[3] and her mother died when she was 2 years old.[4]

She and Ikta are childhood friends. Before meeting Ikta, all she did was train, study, and learn about war matters.

Her father is strict toward her and always remind her that whatever she learns, she always needs to remember that she is an Igsem.[4]

Yatori Little-AN-Ep5 5m

Yatori 8 years old


The following section contains latest spoiler. You have been warned light novel-only readers.

Volume 1Edit

Yatori is from an influential family in the empire and she is taking the high ranking officer exams. She made a deal with Ikta to take the exams as well and help her in exchange for a favor from her family. The first, written test goes as planned and then they head off on a ship for the next. Unfortunately, the ship sinks and Yatori, Ikuta, Haroma Bekkel, Matthew Tetridch, Torway Remeon, and a mysteriously important little girl who falls from the ship.

That girl is Katjvarna 3rd princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik. They all trapped in the inside the Kioka Republic, during the night Chamille suddenly crossed the perimeter and that cause bells ring. Ikta, Yatori and Torway arrived on the scenes. With Ikta strategy, Yatori successfully killed all the enemy on the spot. In the morning, Ikta successfully negotiate and deceived Commander Kioka Army, Nejif Haruruma they able to reach at empire side. Yatori and others got Imperial Knight title by Emperor.

The scene move to Advanced Officers School Affiliated with empire base. Yatori come to the scene with Chamille when Ikta got beaten by Sushuraf Remeon and Sarihasrag Remeon. They leave the scene when they see Chamille at there. Yatori got first incineration platoon and they have mock battles after that. Yatori and Shusuraf fight with Ikta and Torway team. With Ikta strategy, he nearly win the fight.

Chamille suddenly leave the place before decisive battles. Ikta sense that her bodyguard trying to kidnap her and give signal for Yatori platoons. Yatori know that signal and go to save a princess. Captain Ison, the kidnapper successfully held Yatori down but Torway shot him and Yatori kill all the bodyguards on the spot. Yatori face and body full with enemy blood and Ikta told her to calm down.[1]

Splr dai
“As a daughter of Igsem I will be number one no matter what.” — Yatori
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Yatori and Ikta during childhood

Volume starts off with 8-year old Yatori who was on to trip to visit Rising Sun Regiment, she got led around by her guards and she always ask when she will arrive at there. 10 minutes later upon arrival Yatori see a rainbow on the sky. That rainbow was man made by Bada and Anara. Yatori want to see that rainbow more and ask boy on the crowd, "did someone off that rainbow"? That is the moment when Yatori and Ikta Solork first met. Ikta make another rainbow for her and say "Welcome to Science".

Before this, after a morning exercise with her father Solvenares Igsem, he ask whether she is interested in a 3 month excursion to visit the Rising Sun Regiment for the purpose of learning. Yatori agrees and her father reminded that whatever she sees and learns there, remember that she is still an Igsem. After meeting Rising Sun Regiment member and the professor Anarai, she found the environment to be vastly different from where she was brought up. Which was strict and formal. All she does is training, studying and learning about war matters.

Here at the Rising Sun Regiment, she got familiar with the concept of fun, freedom and informal speech. On the following morning, Ikta and Yatori go to play and their first mission is to steal some ingredients from the kitchen for Ikta Mom, Yûka Sankrei. Yatori was initially doubtful but played along for the sake of the mission. Her agility surprised Ikta and they successfully carried out their mission through deception and agility. This was her first experience of being a bad kid. They had fun together, caught fish together and engaged in various other things.

One morning in a discussion class by Professor Anarai, he posed a historical battle of the Empire as a question for discussion and analysis. Yatori volunteered and analyzed the outcome of a lost battle, that surprise other scientists. Ikta objected to her analysis and held an opposing view and they started debating intensely. Other adults around were just too stunned at Ikta and Yatori. Ikta fahter, Bada Sankrei came in and said both points are valid, Yatori from a tactical point of view while Ikta from a strategic point of view. He then proposed a competition between the two and mobilized 600 men to carry out a number of missions under their command.

Both Yatori and Ikta will take turns to take on the roles of field commander (tactical level) and supreme commander (strategic level) to carry out the same or similar missions on different days. Through a series of exercises which they failed miserably, they both competed fiercely to take full responsibility and blame of their roles. Ikta and Yatori then refined their roles and agreed that things will not always go as planned and instead of planning for every detail and contingency, it is important to give certain level of autonomy to the field commander to take certain charge with discretion. Their refinement and cooperation improved and they got more successes. At the end of the day, Bada managed to make them see things from different viewpoints of supreme and field commanders. Bada also talked about the problem with current hierarchical chain of command and if the top starts rotting, it can’t be stopped and that he would not want his subordinates to die meaningless deaths.

During this period of carrying out field missions and exercises, Ikta and Yatori take baths together and their bond strengthened as they talk a lot about different things. Ikta then told Yatori that she should be herself and choose her path of her free will and not be bounded to the Igsem military tradition. Ikta even proposed that she should go see the world, solve the world mysteries and have many exciting adventures with him.


Ikta and Yatori

One day, together with Banjin and Nazuna (both students of Professor Anarai), they went to do some wildlife investigation/research. Banjin and Nazuna went back to base camp as they forgot some gear. This left only Ikta and Yatori alone at the forest. As they explored a bit, they encountered a pack of hungry wolves, which were starving due to weather or climate issues affecting the food chain of the area. They dashed back to the shelter and closed the door. Yatori says she is confident if there is only one, but with this many, she can’t deal with them with certainty. The wolves circled the building and waited.

They have to do something because if Benjin and Nazuna come back, they will be in danger. They have a bowgun with a dozen of half arrows. Yatori already equipped with her two blades. There was an intense showdown with the wolves and this is where the concept of “Two as One” began. In the end, they dispatched the wolves.

After the wolf incident, it was the end of the 3-month trip and Yatori was scheduled to go back. Yatori asked Bada to consider sending his son to military college in future because of his talent and Bada disagree saying Ikta should live his own life to do what he wants and she should too. Yūka starts to miss her like her own daughter and Yatori also saw her as the mother she never knew, whom she lost at the age of 2. Ikta parted with Yatori and they have a mutual promise of “being two as one” and that they will meet again. 3 months later, Solvenares told Yatori about Bada being branded as a traitor for disobeying a decree and that he died in jail and the mother and son were missing. Yatori was shocked and asked her father “.... why father?!”, as it was him who captured Bada, and he remained silent.

After 4 years past, she enrolled into military prep school. She was reunited with Ikta and learned about what happened on the fateful day. Ikta and his mother fled and traveled around, Yūka was worn out and she fell prey to sickness and Yatori was crushed when she learned of Yūka’s death. After Yūka died, Ikta then stumbled upon an orphanage and had been residing there, he got scholarship to enter this school as it was a government orphanage. Yatori wanted Ikta to blame her but Ikta had no resentment towards Yatori nor her father, as he understood it was the higher ups issue, and Bada probably surrendered on his own accord to not cause Solvenares Igsem trouble.

Yatori father actually had been trying to find Ikta and his mom to bring them into his house under his protection. Ikta decided to enroll in this school to meet Yatori and also told her that he’s going to abduct her and keep her away from the Igsem and her fate. This is because of the current rot in nobles and the problem of the Igsem system which is old-fashioned and has various issues. Yatori says she agrees with the issues but cannot just discard her Igsem identity and responsibility. Ikta knew it’s not going to be overnight thing and thus he enrolled in this school and will take these years to persuade her. At the same time, Yatori also suggest Ikta to come to her house and be adopted. She said adoption has been done before but mostly as son-in-law.

Ikta spat out his drink on hearing this to which Yatori replied wryly that this won’t be the case this time and he will just become a foster son but will serve the military as an Igsem. He can’t learn the dual wield skill this late but his talent will be sufficient to serve as an Igsem in the military. Ikta of course refuse since this goes against his plan to abduct her. They hang out together often as best friend, but Ikta frequently plays the slacker during school time. Matthew appears one day to challenge Yatori saying the he will beat her one day (in terms of results), Yatori says bring it on. Ikta told Matthew that he could advise him how to beat Yatori. Yatori was surprised at Ikta’s attitude toward Matthew as he had been distancing himself from everyone else. Ikta said he respected his persistence and that he could be one day be a valuable ally to Yatori and urged Yatori to commend him whenever appropriate

They went out to play one day and carried out various acts of trouble, such as foiling a cheater at a gambling house. Around this time Ikta also began his fooling ways with elder women and said that when he saw an older woman being lonely and needs comfort and security, his body just moved on its own. While Yatori disapproves and comments that he never had luck with such because he often got beaten up by the husband.

Ikta brought Yatori to an apparel shop whose owner was a lady he ‘played’ with, and told her that he brought her the best diamond in the world (diamond referring to Yatori). The lady was happy to see gorgeous Yatori. In the changing room, she said she was pleased because she was worried about Ikta unhealthy interest in older women. She change her mind today, she saw how Ikta looked straight at her instead of looking other older women, which puts her at ease. Ikta was speechless upon seeing Yatori beautiful in that dress. Then they continued hanging out and Ikta went to buy some snacks.

Yatori walked into a jewellery shop. A bunch of thugs came in and demanded repayment for their debts to this jewellery owner shop. Yatori saw through their scheme of supplying fake jewellery and tell them to leave. The thugs screamed and thug leader brought back more men. They started throwing rotten and smelly stuff. Yatori did not dodge to protect the owner.

Ikta suddenly appeared and threw some stinging stuff at thug leader eyes and he screamed. Yatori was sad that she dirtied the beautiful dress she was wearing. Ikta dragged her to a bath house or inn. They then bathed together and cleaned each other (no sexual or ecchi scenes like those you find in other series), smelled each other to check that smell is gone.

In bath robes on the bed, Ikta felt helpless and the difficulty in cutting Yatori off from the Igsem fate. He then pushed Yatori onto the bed and told her he must have lost his mind to use this worst plan to impregnate her so that she can’t join the military. Yatori calmly rationalized that it won’t work, as at best it will just delay her by 2 years, and after recovery she will go back to military school. The Igsem also have a lineage progeny issue and will probably keep her and her kid despite the disgrace and they will raise the kid as an Igsem. Even stricter due to her disgrace. Even as she said these words, she regretted as she knew she hurt Ikta greatly from his look of despair.

However, she promised him, no matter what her family or others say about her, she will bear the child and raise him and will definitely not abort him, so rest assured and she won’t push him away. Ikta then sat up, turned away and quivered. He now realized it’s impossible to cut her off from Igsem, it was futile from the beginning. Talked about a bunch of things and Yatori says because he’s here with her and just by that alone she is saved.

Some days later, Ikta declares he won’t give to abducting Yatori. He has no idea how to do that yet but he has time to plan. Yatori proposed then while doing that, he can help her out in the upcoming officer exam few years down the road. This is when they made the agreement that was mentioned in volume 1.

Continuation from Vol 6


Ikta crying on Yatori death

Yatori read the orders from her father to kill Ikta, she was stunned and faltered. She killed her emotion, wiped the wetness in her eyes and stood resolved to kill Ikta. War in between Yatori and Ikta going about 4 days. In this war friends killing friends and people were crying and screaming their past comrades names in anguish as they were killing one another. In the last 20 minutes Ikta and Yatori met face to face.

She sensed 4 snipers and thought and was prepared for her death. However she thought it weird that only 2 were aiming at her. She then realized the other 2 were aiming at Ikta and pulled him down quickly. 4 shots landed on her, one in the leg, 2 in the abdomen and 1 in the chest. The sniper were from Prime Minister faction. Ikta was stunned and hugged Yatori who was bleeding profusely and he called for the medics in desperation. He tried to stop the bleeding with his hands while crying. Warmth had returned to Yatori eyes and she asked Ikta to stop, and looked at her face and talk to her.

Ikta in tears asked her not to let him break another promise with his mother, that is Ikta promise to his mother to save Yatori from Igsem fate. She then made her dying speech. She left her spirit, Sia with him and asked him to hand her over to Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik. She wanted him to promise take care of Chamille in her place not as the 3rd royal princess but as Chamille as a normal girl. She said that Chamille could not have been a happier woman with Ikta beside her.

She thanked Ikta and was glad to know him, recalling the times together. She thanked Ikta for always being with her, despite the fact that he didn’t want to become join military, didn’t want to become a hero. She gave him her gauche and asked him to keep it as his weapon and left him her saber and told to give it or keep it. She reasserts that they are “two as one” and she will continue living inside of him. Yatori closed her eyes and died. With the rest of the knights came to them and after seeing what had befallen were stunned. Chamille’s knees buckled as she realized the 100 apologies she had prepared would never be heard

Subcommander Megu wanted to retrieve Yatori’s body but Ikta vehemently refused and they reached a compromise. Yatori’s body was preserved with ice generated by water spirits.[4]


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